Registre: 5407
Títol: Pikovaja Dama = (The Queen of Spades) ; Barysnja-Krest'janka = (Mistress into Maid)
Autor: Pushkin, Alexander
Publicació: [Danemark]: Grafisk Forlag, 1997
Col.lecció: Easy Readers ; Serie C ; 55 = Lëgkoe ctenie C
Matèria: rus -- llibres de lectura per a estrangers
Descriptors: lectures adaptades; intermedi;
Nivell: Intermedi
Idioma: rus

The Queen of Spades deals with the horrors of gambling mania as experienced by a young officer. He is told that there is a story about a combination of cards which can make gamblers win a fortune...

Mistress into Maid is a story of a young love - the heroine is a playful girl of seventeen - she uses all tricks in the book to get the object of her desires.

Nota : Text en rus.

Format: LLIBRE
Descripció: 95p 19cm
ISBN: 8711090707

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