Registre: 5406
Títol: Cuk i Gek
Autor: Gajdar, Arkadij
Publicació: [Danemark]: Grafisk Forlag, 1972
Col.lecció: Easy Readers = Lëgkoe ctenie A
Matèria: rus -- llibres de lectura per a estrangers
Descriptors: lectures adaptades; principiant;
Nivell: Principiant
Idioma: rus

The touching and heart-breaking story about the two Moscow boys: seven-your-old Cuk and six-year-old Gek. They go with their mother to see their father who is far away on a geological expedition. The story tells us about their struggling through the strong and cold winter, overcoming difficulties on the way, as their father doesn't come to meet them as agreed. He had to leave on an urgent job. He sent a telegram about this, but the children played with it and destroyed it before their mother had a chance to see it ...

Nota : Text en rus.

Format: LLIBRE
Descripció: 40p 19cm
ISBN: 8742977800

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