Registre: 5380
Títol: Bez svidetelei
Autor: Zabelin, Igor
Publicació: [Danemark]: Grafisk Forlag, 1976
Col.lecció: Easy Readers = Lëgkoe ctenie A
Matèria: rus -- llibres de lectura per a estrangers
Descriptors: lectures adaptades; principiant;
Nivell: Principiant
Idioma: rus

Svetlov is a busy man. He spends months on far away expeditions in the thick and gloomy taiga and lives for the moment that he will see his dear love Sonya. After coming home from the expedition he finds out that Sonya got married to the young geologist Vetrin. Soon he and Vetrin have to go on an expedition, where Vetrin gets into trouble. Svetlov is forced to decide either to help his companion and carry him on his shoulders for the hundreds of kilometres or to leave him there to seek revenge.

Nota : Text en rus.

Format: LLIBRE
Descripció: 40p 19cm
ISBN: 8742977622

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