Registre: 3543
Títol: Afghanistan's Heroic Artists
Autor: Waring, Rob
Publicació: London: Heinle, 2010
Col.lecció: Footprint Reading Library. Advanced C1
Matèria: angles -- llibres de lectura per a estrangers
patrimoni cultural -- proteccio -- afganistan
art -- afganistan
Descriptors: lectures adaptades; avançat; societat; art; afganistan;
Nivell: Avançat
Idioma: anglès

When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the religious group aimed to destroy any artistic expression that violated their strict interpretation of Islamic rules. A group of Afghan artists risked death by disobeying the Taliban to preserve the artwork of their country. Who are the men that saved Afghanistan's art? How did they do it?

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Nota : Inclou CD/DVD.

Format: LLIBRE
Descripció: 24p 21cm
ISBN: 142401137X

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