Registre: 20703
Títol: 31 North 62 East
Autor: Bargéme, Aurélie [intèrp.] ; Fairbrass, Craig [intèrp.] ; Loraine, Tristan [dir.] ; Peace, Heather [intèrp.] ; Rhys-Davies, John [intèrp.]
Publicació: S.l.: Kaleidoscope, 2010
Matèria: pel·licules cinematografiques
cinematografia -- gran bretanya
Descriptors: cinema; cinema de suspens;
Idioma: anglès

Subtítols : ---. -- Lloc i any de producció : Gran Bretanya, 2009. -- Títol original : 61 North 62 East.

SINOPSI : When an Sas unit in Afghanistan is attacked, the sister of its captain, Jill Mandelson, embarks on a dangerous quest to uncover what went wrong.

Suspecting the unit's position was given up in order to secure the UK a massive arms deal, Mandelson must prove the deception runs right to the top. In desperation, she kidnaps top government spin-doctor, Sarah Webber, hoping to use a TV confession to illicit the truth.

But just how far does the corruption reach? Could even the Prime Minister be involved? Mandelson is about to discover that when you accuse a country of willingly killing its heroes, all bets are off.

Format: DVD
Descripció: ca. 121' 12cm

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