Registre: 15200
Títol: Al-Irhab ual-Kebab = Terrorism & barbaque = الارهاب والكباب
Autor: Arafa, Sherif [dir.] ; Imam, Adel [intèrp.] ; Rateb, Ahmed [intèrp.] ; Yousra [intèrp.]
Publicació: [El Caire]: Issam Imam, 2007
Matèria: pel·licules cinematografiques
cinematografia -- egipte
Descriptors: cinema; comèdia;
Idioma: àrab

Subtítols : anglès. -- Lloc i any de producció : Egipte, 1992. -- Títol original : Al-Irhab ual-Kebab.

SINOPSI : Government employee Ahmad Fateh El-Bab goes to the Education Administration Department at the Tahrir Complex to transfer his children to another school. He gets treated with insolence and negligence by the clerks. He rebels and loses his temper with one of the clerks. The clerk calls security, Ahmed clashes with them and a bullet is fired by accident. Security man runs away and ahmad takes posession of the gun. A rumor spreads that terrorists have taken over the complex. Ahmad is then joined by four others including Hind, a woman arrested for soliciting. The terorrists are asked for their demands, Ahmad demands a large quantity of BBQ, and the plot unfolds....

Format: DVD
Descripció: 116' 12cm

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