Registre: 130
Títol: Beatles : The journey
Autor: Pugsley, Dennis [dir.] ; The Beatles [intèrp.]
Publicació: S.l.: GMVS, 2003
Matèria: pel·licules cinematografiques
cinematografia documental -- gran bretanya
musica pop -- gran bretanya -- 1961-1970
Descriptors: cinema; cinema documental; societat; música;
Idioma: anglès

Subtítols : castellà. -- Lloc i any de producció : Gran Bretanaya, 2003. -- Títol original : Beatles : The journey. -- Nota : Conté 1 DVD, 1 CD i un fulletó.

SINOPSI : Utilising rare archive footage, news reels and unique interviews our programme follows the formation and astonishing rise of the world's first "Supergroup". We chart the events which were to mark them as a music phenomenon and follows their careers through to the untimely death of John Lennon and George Harrison. The individual members of the Beatles were unique in their talent and humour. Beatles : The Journey features various conversations and filmed events that follow the groups' relentless sweep through the musical boundaries of the world. They were just as lyrical in interview, the language barriers seemed to dissolve. Lennon's frank and sometimes cutting comments offer a compelling insight into fellow group members Paul, George and Ringo. This coupled with their amusing and meaningful thoughts surrounding international events makes for a remarkable reminder of the genius and the group that was.

Format: DVD
Descripció: [80' + 64' 12cm

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