Registre: 12846
Títol: In the frame : [CD]
Autor: Sweetnam, Polly
Publicació: Oxford: MacMillan, 2005
Col.lecció: MacMillan readers. Starter Level
Matèria: angles -- llibres de lectura per a estrangers
angles -- comprensio oral-auditiva
Descriptors: lectures adaptades; principiant; activitats; comprensió oral;
Nivell: Principiant
Idioma: anglès

It's the end of Lisa and Alice's holiday. They are on the airport bus. They are leaving Greece. Vera is on the airport bus too. Vera has two children and a lot of luggage.

"I'm very worried," Vera says. "My husband is ill. He is in England. I must go to him. I'm going home."

Lisa and Alice feel sorry for Vera. They want to help her. But who is Vera? Can Lisa and Alice really trust her?

Nota : Inclou llibre.

Format: CD
Descripció: [24'] 12cm
ISBN: 1405078014

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