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Eduard Gufeld was born in the Ukraine on 19 March 1936. By the late 1950s,he had established himself as (1) .He defeated Tal, Spassky, Smyslov, Korchnoi, Bronstein and just about ever other strong Soviet player. In an era where most strong players adopted a slow positional style, Gufeld went in for tactics and mixed it up with the strongest players in the world.

Gufeld later became much better known as a writer, journalist and world traveller. He wrote more than 100 chess books. There is debate as to whether (2) ,but he was certainly in the top two or three. He moved to the Republic of Georgia and lived there for more than a decade, where he became the trainer of Woman's World Chess Champion Maya Chiburdanidze. He trained several other of the top woman chess players in Georgia, but (3) .One of his most popular short stories was about how he had fallen in love with a woman chess player, but she had left the country and he had travelled the world searching for her ever since.

This, however, was the great mystery about Eduard Gufeld. In an era of tight lipped Soviet Grandmasters, Gufeld was always available for a comment or a quote about any subject. He seemed to be able to travel the world freely. He went to Japan and many other countries where other Soviet chess players almost never went. In an era where it was almost impossible to get out of the Soviet Union and where Soviets who travelled abroad were accompanied by a KGB Agent, (4) he wanted without escort. Yet, Gufeld denied to his dying day that he had been a KGB Agent. If he was, his secret died with him.

Gufeld was such a superstar that after the breakup of the Soviet Union, he went to Hollywood,(5) , travel,teach, lecture and play in chess tournaments. Even though he was no longer a world class player,he won many tournaments, including the US Senior Championship.