Read this interview with American actress Cameron Diaz. The questions are missing. Click on each number to see the options and match each question with the answer. Write the letter in the corresponding box. There are more questions than answers.


Cameron Diaz, who is in her early thirties, is one of Hollywood's most glamorous actresses. She has starred in lots of successful American films such as There's something about Mary, My best friend's wedding...

Do you have any health fears?

"I think everybody does, though I've always been lucky and had excellent health. I get regular check-ups. It's important to try to prevent something from happening before it comes a problem."

(1) ?

"Most people have a relative who's had heart disease or cancer. It seems pretty hard to escape certain ailments.You just have to try to live as healthily as possible so you don't invite these things to take hold."

(2) ?

"I drink tons of water and eat tons of greens, vegetables and fruit. I'm lucky that I have a pretty fast metabolism so I don't have to diet, which is good because I'd be awful at restricting myself."

(3) ?

"Although I generally hate exercising, I try to do something at least a couple of times a week. I do some light weights for my arms and legs and I love the treadmill. I'm also interested in Pilates - it's about stretching and elongating your muscles, which appeals to me."

(4) ?

"Why not? We use make-up and get our hair done. Although it's much more permanent, it's still enhancing yourself. I wouldn't have a problem as long as it's not too much - sometimes too much of a good thing isn't good after all."
(5) ?

"It's essential to be rested, or your eyes get puffy and circled underneath. It also helps having great make-up people! I also take vitamins with minerals to supplement my diet and have naps in my trailer during the day."

(6) ?

"Not really. As a young girl, I was a tomboy who was always hanging out with the guys playing baseball and football. I was never interested in my feminine side - I've always hated that image of women."
(7) ?

"Laughter. I don't get easily embarrased and I'm willing to laugh at myself. It's one of the most important gifts we've been given. We need to stop taking ourselves so seriously as it can make you sick. My earliest memories are of laughter - my mother's laugh is very contagious. Even now we talk on the phone at least five times a day and make each other laugh."

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